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Frightening finale to October at the library

Thursday, 01 November 2012 21:23

ChloeCraigDSC 8722Chloe and Craig Cowell, 10 and five respectivelyCreepy craftwork signaled the end of October at the Henry Bloom Noble Library.


Senior library assistant Shirley Moore held a Hop tu Naa-themed children’s activity session that was a mix of scary(ish) skeletons, phantoms and fun on Wednesday October 31st.


EmmaLilyDSC 8704Emma Stratford and Lily Griffiths, both aged seven












TorinEdenDSC 8729Torin and Eden Shimmin-Monk, eight and nine respectively















ShirleyGroupDSC 8736Senior library assistant Shirley Moore with David Manley, four, Lennon Shimmin-Crellin, nine and Kayleigh Smart, eight