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Car Parks

Shaw's Brow Car Park Shaw's Brow Car Park

The Council operates two car parks in Douglas city centre; Shaw's Brow Car Park and the Bottleneck, as well as car parks in residential areas and parks. Shaw's Brow Car Park and the Bottleneck both operate a ticketless automatic number plate recognition system - you must know your registration number. 





If you have a problem in one of the car parks please use the intercom located at each pay station or exit barrier, alternatively you can call 696300.



SHAW'S BROW and BOTTLENECK CAR PARKS: Space availability and Location







Glide Mobile App Pre-payment Account Payment Machine

Available on Google Play or from the Apple Store.

Link any of your vehicles' registration numbers to your debit card account to pay automatically when you leave the car park.


Register your car's registration number with our Finance Department and purchase credit for use with that vehicle (multiple registration numbers can be held on one credit account). 


You will not have to visit a paystation whenever you park,  the fee will automatically be deducted from your account everytime you leave the

car park. 


Once registered you can top up your account at the paystation. 


Please visit the Finance Department in the City Hall to register. 


Credit is transferred across both car parks.

On return to your car enter your registration number at one of the advertised pay stations before you exit the car park. 


Disabled Users: Register as a disabled user at the City Hall to receive an additional free hour in the car park. Please bring along your blue badge when you register.




SHAW'S BROW and BOTTLENECK CAR PARKS: Fees from April 1, 2024

Time Price
First Hour £2.80
Up to two hours £3.90
Up to three hours £5.10
Up to four hours £5.40
Up to five hours £5.80
Up to six hours £6.00
Up to seven hours £7.30
Up to eight hours £8.00
Up to nine hours £8.20
Up to 10 hours £8.60
Up to 11 hours
Up to 12 hours
Off-Peak periods (19:00 - 07:00)

Total charge for period £2.00 (Mon to Fri)

Saturday / Sunday
£2.00 All Day
Additional charge £150 (Reduced to £75 if paid within 14 days)


Click here to pay additional parking charges online




SHAW'S BROW CAR PARK: Contract Parking

Contract spaces are available in Shaw's Brow, please call the City Hall to check availability on 696300. 


Important information relating to contract spaces:


- If you own a contract space but choose to park on the public levels you will incur the standard public tariff charge against your vehicle registration number. 


- More than one vehicle can be registered under a contract in Shaw's Brow car park, however each contract is assigned  a 'privilege limit' equal to the number of spaces reserved under the contract.  If all reserved spaces are full, any other vehicles registered under the contract will be required to park on the public levels (if spaces are available) and will incur the standard public tariff.  Contract Holders can set up a credit account to pay charges incurred.  If you would like to do so, please contact us on the number above.  



Public toilet locations:

In Shaw's Brow they are situated on Level 1 of the Barrack Street stair and lift lobby.

At the Bottleneck there are toilets in the adjacent building by the kiosk or in the Sea Terminal.






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