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Council Leader Re-Elected at Annual Meeting

Councillor Claire Wells has been re-elected as Leader of Douglas Council.

Mrs Wells, who represents the Douglas South constituency, will continue in the position until 2025.

The Chairs and make-up of various Council committees for the 2023-2025 municipal term were also chosen at a special meeting of the local authority yesterday afternoon (Wednesday).


Elsewhere, Councillor Devon Watson will continue as Chair of the Housing and Property Committee, Councillor Andrew Bentley was re-elected as Chair of the Regeneration and Community Committee and Green Party Councillor Falk Horning remains at the helm of the Environmental Services Committee. It’s also as you were with Councillor John Skinner remaining Chair of the Pensions Committee and Steven Crellin Chair of the local authority’s Standards Committee.


The committees elected were:


Executive Committee: Claire Wells (Chair), Ian Clague, Falk Horning, Andrew Bentley and Devon Watson.


Housing and Property Committee: Devon Watson (Chair), Steven Crellin, Peter Washington and Frank Schuengel.


Regeneration and Community Committee: Andrew Bentley (Chair), John Skinner, Steven Crellin and Frank Schuengel.


Environmental Services Committee: Falk Horning (Chair), Janet Thommeny, Stephen Pitts and Peter Washington.

The Worshipful the Mayor (ex officio) is a member of all the above.


Pensions Committee: John Skinner (Chair), Falk Horning, Steven Crellin, Ian Clague and Andrew Thomas (Independent Member).


Representatives on outside bodies: Eastern district civic amenity site joint committee: Falk Horning; Douglas Town Band committee: Peter Washington and Steven Crellin; Isle of Man Municipal Association: Frank Schuengel and Peter Washington.


All roles have been elected for the next municipal term which ends in 2025.