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Antisocial behaviour

We want to make sure our homes and communities are pleasant and safe places to live. Therefore we will not accept any antisocial behaviour (ASB) by our tenants, members of their household, their invited visitors or their pets.


  • ASB covers a wide range of unacceptable activities, including:


  • Verbal abuse;


  • Noise nuisance;


  • Graffiti;


  • Fly-tipping;


  • Dropping litter or dumping rubbish;


  • Threatening or intimidating behaviour;


  • Nuisance driving or parking and nuisance vehicles;


  • Pets fouling in public spaces;


  • Racial, sexual and other harassment.


We take reports of ASB very seriously and will take necessary steps to protect our tenants. This can mean working in partnership with other agencies to resolve ASB cases, including environmental health, local councillors and the police.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am experiencing antisocial behaviour – what should I do?


If you feel comfortable doing so try talking to the person first to see if you can resolve the situation. They may not even be aware that they are causing a problem.


If you want to report ASB or need confidential advice, please contact our office.


Depending on how severe the situation is, we may ask to meet with you within five working days of reporting the incident. We will always deal with the situation sensitively and explain what action can be taken.


If you are threatened with violence or witness someone doing something illegal, please contact the police immediately.


What can I do to avoid annoying or disturbing my neighbours?


Please be considerate to your neighbours by:


  • Keeping noise within a reasonable level at all times and respond in a positive way if neighbours ask you to reduce the noise.


  • Giving your neighbours notice when you know there is going to be some noise, for example a party or major repair work.


Making sure pets do not cause a nuisance to others by following these guidelines. Do not allow your pet to:


  • Foul your home, garden, public footpaths or shared area – always clear up after your pets;


  • Stray outside your home and garden;


  • Bark for long periods;


  • Become out of control by becoming aggressive or threatening to other people or animals.
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