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Cycling in Strand Street, Castle Street and Duke Street contravenes Douglas General Byelaws, Council reminds cyclists

Thursday, 02 July 2020 14:50


Cyclists are reminded that cycling in Strand Street, Castle Street and Duke Street contravenes the Douglas General Bylaws 2013.


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Douglas Town Centre Manager Oliver Cheshire said: ‘We’re regularly receiving complaints about people cycling, often at speed, in the town centre, particularly in Strand Street and Duke Street. It’s a practice that’s not only irresponsible and puts pedestrians at risk – especially the less able and/or visually impaired - but it’s also a contravention of Section 16 of the Douglas General Byelaws 2013 which states:


“No person shall cycle, skate on roller skates, a skateboard, rollers or wheels or any similar device on any footway or pavement in such a manner as to cause danger or annoyance to any person”.


‘The Council has been working closely with the police on this matter. They confirm that since the shopping street was established, outside of loading hours, Strand Street, Castle Street and Duke Street are designated in law as “No Vehicle Access”, that is to say the area is a pedestrian zone. In this context a bicycle is classed as a vehicle and cyclists should dismount and walk with their bicycles when in these streets.


‘The Council has always been a supporter of active travel and recently produced its Active Travel Strategy and Action Plan, which complements that of the Isle of Man Government. Encouraging cycling – in particular the Cycle to Work scheme – is at the heart of the Council’s strategy so, earlier this year, in partnership with the Department of Infrastructure, we installed secure bicycle lockers in Shaw’s Brow car park for use by commuters.


‘The Council is keen to make cycling the norm, not the exception. It does, however, have a duty to ensure that people’s enjoyment and safety in Douglas town centre are not put at risk by those who flout the byelaws.’