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COVID-19: Closure of cemeteries 'unavoidable'

Thursday, 09 April 2020 20:47

The closure of the Borough and Lawn cemeteries was an ‘unavoidable’ decision that had to be taken, the Leader of Douglas Borough Council Councillor David Christian MBE JP has said.


Councillor Christian said: ‘These are far from normal circumstances and the Council is but part of a huge collective effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the greatest threat our Island has known for many years.


‘To this end we are complying fully with government directives as set out in the Emergency Powers (Coronavirus) (Closure of Businesses and Other Premises) Regulations 2020. These require us to close our two cemeteries to the general public as the regulations clearly state that such spaces are only permitted to be open, and I quote: “for the purposes of the conduct of a funeral or cremation”.


‘No government or local authority would choose to implement these measures. We recognise this is an emotive matter and we are not insensitive to people’s concerns, but we all have a part to play in keeping this island community – especially the vulnerable – safe and doing all we can to protect our nation’s healthcare services at this time of crisis. This is the only way – and the responsible way – to combat the devastating impact of this disease.’