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Council waste services team urges householders to minimise domestic refuse

Thursday, 02 April 2020 10:46

Douglas Borough Council’s waste services team is urging Douglas householders to minimise their domestic waste after coronavirus restrictions led to the suspension of its kerbside collection service.


Householders are reminded that in the current situation no side waste, i.e. rubbish bags left at the side of wheelie bins, will be accepted. Only household waste deposited in the bin with the lid left securely down will be collected.


With no kerbside collection service operating the waste services team is offering householders tips to cut down on waste and avoid wheelie bins filling up too quickly.


The team’s message is:


• Cartons and plastic bottles - remove lid,

  squeeze air out, replace lid;

• Cardboard boxes should be fully flattened;

• Metal cans (if you’re unable to rinse clean and  set aside until recycling resumes) should be

  squashed flat;

• Glass bottles: Please try to set aside until normal service resumes;

• Avoid putting items like clothing/general household items in your bin that

   could be stowed until the amenity sites reopen;

• If you’re able to, please compost your garden waste, otherwise try to reduce the amount you place in your bin each week.


Please note that fluorescent tubes, lamps and other electrical items should not be disposed of in your wheelie bin at any time.


When you set your bin out for collection, the refuse crews would appreciate it if you could disinfect the handles and then thoroughly wash your hands after you have taken the bin back in once emptied. The crews handle hundreds of bins every day and give this advice to try to reduce any cross contamination.


Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.

The waste services team