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Council conducts online recycling survey

Wednesday, 02 March 2016 09:04

Douglas Borough Council has launched an online survey to gauge the public’s level of interest in recycling.


A series of nine questions seeks to identify householders’ appetite for and resistance to recycling, their current recycling practices, perceived barriers to recycling and what measures might encourage more people to recycle. Additionally, following the positive response to open day sessions at the Ballacottier Service Centre during late 2015, respondents are asked if a tour of the centre’s recycling operation would be interest.


Environmental Services Committee Chairman Councillor Ritchie McNicholl said: ‘During the term of this Council the waste charge at the Energy from Waste plant has risen from £30.74 per tonne to £79.50 and now the Department of Infrastructure has indicated there is to be a shift away from this practice and new measures introduced. It’s imperative, therefore, that the Council continues to work with government to promote robust recycling incentives and develop a viable kerbside collection service accessible to as many householders as possible.


‘While Douglas may be taking the initiative by conducting this survey, which we hope will provide valuable intelligence with which to advance our own recycling programmes, we would hope to share our findings with other local authorities so that together we can work to remove as many barriers as possible to recycling.’


To take part in the survey click here.