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Waste Management Guidelines - Vehicle Dimensions

Vehicle Dimensions and Specifications

This section provides information on the standard vehicles used by the Douglas Borough Council to collect both refuse and recycling. A schematic of the vehicles is provided on the following page.

Drive 6x2 rear-steer

Overall width 2524 mm
Overall length 10564 mm
Overall height 3552 mm
Wheelbase (axle 1 to axle 2) 4200 mm
Rear bogie spread (axle 2 to axle 3) 1350 mm
Rear swept overhang 1235 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 26000 kg
Maximum axle load 11500 kg
Approach angle 13°
Departure angle 15°
Turning circle between walls 14.8 m
Turning circle between kerbs 17.0 m

Architects and developers of sites where commercial units will be located should be aware that private waste contractors use a range of vehicles, which can sometimes be larger or have different manoeuvrability concerns than those specified below. In these circumstances, developers should consult with the intended private contractors to establish the specifications for other vehicles that may need to access the site. It is recommended that a 6x4 rigid vehicle is modelled in these circumstances, as it is an industry standard.

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