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Waste Management Guidelines - Collection Services Overview

Douglas Borough Council currently provides a weekly refuse and fortnightly recycling service for residents in individual houses. Wheelie bins are used for containing and collecting refuse. Douglas has a ‘no side waste’ policy for refuse to encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. Kerbside Boxes are also used for recycling, which are emptied every two weeks. The recycled materials below are separated at source, which means they are sorted at collection to reduce the need for further segregation:
•      Mixed paper and grey card
•      Plastic bottles
•      Food tins and drink cans
•      Glass
•      Cardboard
A wide range of other items can be taken to the Eastern Civic Amenity Site Recycling Centre. 
The Council can also provide collections of bulky waste which are organised on request through Douglas Borough Council’s Waste Management Department.  This service attracts a fee.
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